Computer Science II Resources
Fall, 2019


Program Abstractions in C++

Set up Visual Studio 2019 with the Desktop Development with C++ workload

Get VS2019 here.

A guide to setting up SFML with Visual Studio.

C++ Lecture Series --- Standard Library --- Part 1 of N --- Introduction
Introduction of STL #1: Overview

Computerphile on Pointers

Is a circle a kind of ellipse, or is an ellipse a kind of circle?


A solution to the annoying "Did you mean to include <stdafx.h> header?" Choose the "Do not include precompiled header" option in the properties of your MSVS project:


"Uncle" Bob Martin - "The Future of Programming."



CppCon Videos:
The Strange Details of std::string at Facebook

C++ Seasoning by Sean Parent
Better Code Data Structures
What C++ Programmers Need To Know About Header <Random>
I Just Wanted a Random Integer


Get Stroustrup's Programming Principles and Practice code.

Online References:


An online compiler:

A resource for exploring assembly code generated by a C++ compiler.: Compiler Explorer


Bjarne Soustrup talks up C++

OpenCourseWare WikiUniversity

cforbeginners: on insertion sort.

Some information about inheritance, etc:

Here's a much better pdf of a much better book: Bjarne Stroustrup (the creator of C++)
The C++ Programming Language (3rd ed.)

What is a dangling pointer?

Guidelines for Class Design
Dynamic Memory Allocation

What is OpenGL?

Here's an interesting algorithm worthy of your consideration: ECDSA

Rval References Explained